Build Line follower using Raspberry Pi


We have a robot ready which is autonomous that detects the wall by 40 cms and takes decision to turn around. Now, its time to build line follower robot. We are going to add two Infrared sensor to the robot so that it can follow black line.

Making Pi Robot – Line Follower

  1. Adding IR Sensor Module to Raspberry Pi Robot
  2. Programming Line Follower Raspberry PI Robot with Python
  3. Final Line Follower Raspberry PI robot in Action

If you have missed my previous tutorials series go back and first build a basic robot with Pi. Here is the step by step guide:

Step by Step Tutorial to build basic Pi Robot

  1. Understanding Raspberry PI and Robotics
  2. Assembling Raspberry PI Robot and all electronics
  3. Programming Raspberry PI Robot with Python
  4. Final Raspberry PI robot in Action

Time to add eyes that looks for black line and make it’s own decisions!

Final Outcome – The Inspiration!

Testing on Most complex track

Required Materials

  1. Line Tracker Module Based On TCRT5000L
  2. 2 pairs of 1k? Resistor and 2k? Resistor – you can get from local electronics shop. It is very cheap. Other option is to get kit of resistors so that you can use for multiple projects.
  3. Jumper Wires – We are going to use only few but purchasing like this will help in other projects also
  4. Breadboard – I have hooked up breadboard in middle of the robot so that I can create many circuits without need to solder it. I can also build multiple robots using it.

Approximate Cost

Sr No Item Cost
1 Line Tracker Module Based On TCRT5000L $4
2 Resistor kit(optional – not needed if you already have it) $1
4 Jumper wire kit(optional – not needed if you already have it) $6
5 Breadboard(optional – not needed if you already have it) $5.69
Total(approx.) $4

In actual it costed me around Rs. 240/ – in INR as I already had other parts.

Core Logic

We are going to hook up IR Sensors as shown below. Here there will be two IR Sensors in each module. One will transmit IR light and other will receive it. We have to calibrate sensor in such a manner that when black tape is there beneath the sensor it doesn’t reflect back the IR light(As black doesn’t reflect back). We will use this core logic for sensing and programming the line follower robot. Here is how you can hook up both pairs:


Line follower tracks

You can create track by using black cello tape which is normally used in electrical/electronics sealing. Some tracks that I created are as shown below:

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