Build Raspberry PI Robot controlled by Android App via Bluetooth


We have a robot very basic robot ready which we build in this tutorial. It was controlled by computer’s keyboard – hence it was wired. We want to make it wireless and control by mobile phone.

If you have missed my previous tutorial series go back and first build a basic robot with Pi. Here is the step by step guide:

Step by Step Tutorial to build basic Pi Robot

  1. Understanding Raspberry PI and Robotics
  2. Assembling Raspberry PI Robot and all electronics
  3. Programming Raspberry PI Robot with Python
  4. Final Raspberry PI robot in Action

It is time to use Raspberry Pi 3 inbuilt Bluetooth capabilities and control the robot wireless by Android App.

Final Outcome – The Inspiration!

Required Materials

  1. Raspberry PI 3
  2. 4 Channel 5V Relay Board Module
  3. Smart Car Chassis 4WD
  4. Power bank for powering PI – I have used AData power bank. You can use any other power bank which supplies 5 V.
  5. Four 1.5 V batteries for powering motors. I have used Envie rechargable batteries.
  6. Male to male/Female to male jumpers

There is nothing new required if you followed my first tutorial. This is for people who have started now.

Approximate Cost of Project

First question I get asked about the project is that how much did it cost? ? Hence, I have put approximate numbers below in USD.

Sr No Material Cost
1 Raspberry PI 3 $35
2 4 Channel 5V Relay Board Module $7
3 Smart Car Chassis 4WD  $17
4 Decent Power Bank $20 (approx)
5 Decent 4 1.5 V Batteries $5 (approx)
6 Wires $5 (approx)
Total $89

In actual it costed me around Rs. 6000/ – in INR. This is again same as mentioned in first tutorial. If you followed my first tutorial you don’t need anything extra.

On the software side you will need to setup Visual Studio Community Edition and install the Xamarin components. I will not dive deep into much of Xamarin but you can use Android Studio or other equivalent software to build android app. We are going to leverage Bluetooth in mobile app and connect robot with mobile phone. Here is the main block diagram of how it will work:


Step by step tutorial

  1. Programming the Raspberry Pi Robot for Bluetooth with Python
  2. Creating Xamarin Android App for connecting to Raspberry Pi Robot

Hope you enjoy building android app controlled robot 🙂

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