Build Raspberry Pi Robot controlled by Internet – IOT Robot

Till now, we have built a robot which is controlled by computer and controlled by Bluetooth. Have you ever wondered that you can build a robot which is controlled by Internet. Yes, Internet! Our Pi Robot will become Internet of thing. This is our big leap into the world of Internet of things(IOT). This tutorial is massive so we are going to divide it into two parts:

  1. Drive LED ON and OFF via internet – making LED in Robot as internet of thing
  2. Drive Robot via internet – making entire Robot as internet of thing

All Tutorials to Build IOT Raspberry Pi Robot

  1. Build Raspberry Pi Robot controlled by Internet – IOT Robot
  2. Setup Static IP Address on Raspberry Pi
  3. Installing Web Server on Raspberry Pi
  4. Controlling Raspberry Pi LED via internet
  5. Raspberry Pi LED controlled by Internet
  6. Build REST API using Python and Flask
  7. Raspberry Pi Robot Logitech Camera Server
  8. Create Web Dashboard for IOT Robot Control

Entire project Video Tutorial

If you have missed my previous tutorial series go back and first build a basic robot with Pi. Here is the step by step guide:

Step by Step Tutorial to build basic Pi Robot

  1. Understanding Raspberry PI and Robotics
  2. Assembling Raspberry PI Robot and all electronics
  3. Programming Raspberry PI Robot with Python
  4. Final Raspberry PI robot in Action

How amazing it would be if you can control Raspberry Pi Robot present at my home and drive it 🙂 Yes! We are going to make it happen.

Partially Final Outcome(Controlling LED) – The Inspiration!

Required Materials

  1. Raspberry PI 3
  2. 4 Channel 5V Relay Board Module
  3. Smart Car Chassis 4WD
  4. Power bank for powering PI – I have used AData power bank. You can use any other power bank which supplies 5 V.
  5. Four 1.5 V batteries for powering motors. I have used Envie rechargable batteries.
  6. Male to male/Female to male jumpers
  7. LED
  8. Resistor 330 ohm (can also use 1 kilo ohm if you have)
  9. Logitech camera – C210 used in this project

There is nothing new required if you followed my first tutorial. This is for people who have started now.

Approximate Cost of Project

First question I get asked about the project is that how much did it cost? ? Hence, I have put approximate numbers below in USD.

Sr No Material Cost
1 Raspberry PI 3 $35
2 4 Channel 5V Relay Board Module $7
3 Smart Car Chassis 4WD  $17
4 Decent Power Bank $20 (approx)
5 Decent 4 1.5 V Batteries $5 (approx)
6 Wires, LED and resistor $5 (approx)
 7 Logitech Camera C210 $15
Total $104

In actual it costed me around Rs. 7050/ – in INR. This is again same as mentioned in first tutorial. If you followed my first tutorial you don’t need anything extra.

Block Diagram

Here is the entire block diagram that we will try to build and achieve. We have LED connected to Raspberry Pi 3. We will have web server installed on Pi 3. LED will be connected to Pi 3 – Pin 37. From anywhere in the world, user can use client as browser and type in URL and can control the LED i.e. turning LED ON or OFF.

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